More changes to the site

Because of Sameers incessant whining, I’ve made changes to the website, such that it should display fine on monitors with resolutions as low at 800 pixels wide. Also did some general houskeeping, in my effort to build/maintain the site decently. I’ve also added links to blogs/personal websites of friends, who either update often or I’m hoping will update often. All this, when I should be studying for a Corporate Finance final that I have tomorrow.

The site has been tested in both MSIE/6.0 and Mozilla/5.0. It reads better in Mozilla, which ofcourse comfirms better to the W3C standards. I recomend everyone use Firefox!


The last 2 weeks I’ve been mostly making cosmetic changes to the website and blog. It is still not what I’d like it to be, but I guess it never will be. I guess it will always be a work in progress. But this post is just to test the new format and see how the archives look.

I’m going to attempt to add more content.