I turned on the 6PM local news on Sunday and the first 10 minutes had no less than 6 reports of deaths, murders, accidents and mishaps in the local area. This just firms up my belief that the media (or who ever is controling it) is responsible for spreading so much fear into the lives of those who are exposed to it. Sure, journalists need to cover incidents in the area but for it to dominate the news like that ?

It is a fact that in Disney’s Aladin, the lead characters of Aladin, the princess and her father were all given American accents, whereas most of the evil characters are developed as being of Middle Eastern background (including clothing and accents). No wonder the population of this country has grown to have an inherent fear of other cultures, especially the one from central Asia.

I was hoping to lay my hands on some Google stock, but reports say that their IPO’s initial pricing is suppoed to be between $108-$135. At that rate, 1 share is all I can afford. But I cant help feeling concerned at all the initial hype surrounding it.

This week promises to be pretty hellish until Friday too. I am working a DUST event Monday evening and will probably be roped into another on Wednesday. Tuesday is reserved for FIN 311 homework, and Thursday is a midterm.

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  1. Google IPO, its initial pricing is between the range of 108 to 135 and by the time common investors get their hands on it, it may have already crossed $150.

    Do you really think an Internet search engine can be worth about $40B. With Competition such as Microsoft and Yahoo, who have multiple sources of income in addition to internet advertising, Google’s only source of income is internet advertising, how much more can this company go yaar?, They aren’t planning to introduce other services either.

    just a thought…

  2. Yeah, that is why my concern. I just hope the sector isn’t setting itself up for another “jump-up and fall down hard” situation. If it does, we’ll all be worse off.

  3. hello!
    I was just wondering the other day what Google plans to do with its extra $$. Think this is just another case of ‘irrational exuberance’ as Alan Greenspan put it?

  4. Just wanted to put in my two cents about the whole aladdin voices thing being as im an evil white man…haha j.k…anyway there are really no “middle eastern” voices in aladdin….the stereotypical middle eastern voice as far as americans are concerned is that of apu from the simpsons….none of the characters good or bad really had a middle eastern accent…and they ALL wore the same “middle eastern” clothing jafar if anything actually looked less threatening at first glance cuz he resembled a catholic bishop with his clothing

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