Too Much Blue

Anyone reading this is requested to peruse through the site (there isn’t really much to peruse…) and comment on whether they think I’ve over-used blue in the design. Other comments/suggestions are welcome.

8 thoughts on “Too Much Blue

  1. Yeah, because it’s low enough contrast I didn’t notice your name at the top of the site until I moused over it.

  2. the grey and blue provide good contrast… of course sameer won’t be able to see the grey :p

    i like your link section/sidebar… it flows really well — someday i’ll get a new “look” going.

  3. Yes .. sameer is the technically challenged and yes Sameer thinks there is way too much damn blue on this site.

  4. Looks like its ‘make fun of Sameer’ day 😀

    Josh, you don’t count anyway, you can’t see color. But thanks for the input guys.

  5. I would change the color of the name on the top, it actually is hard to read. Other than that, it looks fine…

  6. UH yah bro… a little too much blue, maybe you should contrast it with a pink(which you would not like) but maybe a darkeer blue would look nice

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