First Stage

I’ve moved out of the I-House and into a friends place. Now I suffer here for 3 weeks, living out of suitcases and boxes. I can’t wait for October, althought the prospect of having to move again isn’t pleasant, atleast I’ll be done after that.

3 thoughts on “First Stage

  1. Noooo quite the opposite! We do not have space for his sofa! None of the Americans want his sofa!

    blackboxbombwork (1:41:04 PM): dude, they don’t have sofas in india either!?
    ksrinivasan99 (1:41:27 PM): lol!
    ksrinivasan99 (1:43:20 PM): the carpets and elephants have many uses
    blackboxbombwork (1:43:30 PM): you clever bastards!


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