Cricket Classics

The weekends cricket games were awesome. It was the first time that I was officially leading the Drexel Cricket Club, and I’m happy to report a winning percentage of 100.

Saturdays game was against UPENN, at Temple. After losing the toss, we bowled pretty well. Gave a few too many runs, but thats normal at Temple where the outfield is incredibly quick. I bowled my entire quota of 6 overs, for 2 wickets. I had two more catches dropped, and one of which was UPENN’s main batsman who was on about 40 at the time. He went on to score 81*. Anyway, we ended up needeing to chase 205 to win, in 30 overs. We managed it in 21, with nine wickets still in hand. With two batsman scoring 80’s in very quick time.

Sunday’s game was at Richard Stockton college, against them. It was a matting wicket, with a grass outfield. I did win the toss this time, and put them into field. We batted well, scoring 172 in our 30 overs. At this ground, that was a good total, seeing as how the outfield was grassy and slow. I did get to the wicket in the last three overs, ran hard, and hit a few to get us to our total. The bowling was a whole differnt story. It seemed almost too easy. We had a new opening bowler and he struck early with 4 wickets. Then our batsman who’d been our mainstay, came in and took 3 wickets in one over (clean bowling all three). He took a fourth soon, and by then the game was more than over.

It was a tiring, and busy weekend. Expensive too, since I spent a lot for the team on my account. But it was fun. And I think being busy like this enables me to forget other things that bother me. Which is what I’m striving to achieve. So looks like I’ll be keeping myself busy as much as possible over the next few weeks.

6 thoughts on “Cricket Classics

  1. > Then our batsman who’d been our mainstay,
    > came in and took 3 wickets in one over
    > (clean bowling all three).


  2. Pshaw. Never ask a computer guy to spell! thou shouldst know better!
    So hey- where on earth have you been? I feel like I haven’t seen you in 20 years (Jesse time- think dog years multiplied by roughly 3500 and thrown in a blender for good measure)!

  3. Hahahah! 🙂

    Busy has been my middle name. But now that I’ve moved in with Josh, you shall have the fortnue of seeing me sooner rather than later. 🙂

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