The week in review: busy!

No kidding when I say that. The first post I make in a week is at 2 AM on Monday morning and only because rain is playing spoilt sport on the last day of the second test between India and Australia. Seems like a bad weekend for cricket, because the game that we had scheduled against Columbia University was cancelled 12 hours before we were scheduled to play them. I was really looking forward to travelling to New York City to play, even though it was biting cold today (high of about 14c)

But the cancelled game gave me time to sort out my life. I’ve been shopping this week, so I don’t need to eat greasy stuff from 7-11 for breakfast! I’ve also got some more shelves and stuff to put all my things away neatly (well most of it is neat…!) as well as some pots and pans. I guess I need to stop spending money on getting settled now and just be happy with whatever I’ve got. The car is still waiting to be sold. Ads seems to generate an initial response, but no one seems to get back to me. It is getting a tad bit worrying now.

Classes are going to eat my entire week again. 1 PM on Friday can’t come fast enough. Funnily, I recall making the same comments when I was on co-op. A vacation would be good.

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