The Week in Review

It is only Wednesday night, but yet I am already reviewing an entire week. It certainly feels like its been that long. Trying to catch up on missed school work, and life in general is very taxing. I’ve got friends to call, paperwork to complete, parties to go to, and clothes to unpack. All of that will still take less time than all the school work in the first three days of class.

But I can not complain. After the way the last term went, it is not surprising that this term is turning out to be just as stressful, if not worse. All the graduate classes are going to be like a full time job, with INFO 607 (Database with Dr.Il-Yeol Song) leading the way. CS 576 and INFO 620 don’t lag far behind either. The photography course is going to be interesting, but that too will be a lot of work and plenty expensive. I just hope that ISYS 425 and ORGB 300 cut me a little slack.

I had my first class with Professor Song today. And he is as Godly in person as all the stories have made him out to be. It is imperative that I create a good impression in this class one way or another.

On a more personal note: things with Maithreyi did not go as I had hoped this December. The only expectation I went back with was to try and salvage a friendship. From the indications I got from her, it seems like she didn’t have similar intentions. The right thing to do now is bow out gracefully. It will only cause more trouble, for her and for me, if I try to pursue a friendship. I just hope she takes care of herself.