It is always a next time with the Eagles

The Eagles lost in Superbowl XXXIX but I can’t fault with the effort they put in. A few crucial interceptions in the first quarter and the very poor defense in the 3rd, ensured that catching up from a 10 point deficit in the 4th would be very hard. I guess the only reason I like the Eagles is because I live in Philly, but I can’t fault the New England Patriots. Everyone stood up and contributed towards their win.

It is funny how the only 10 I’ve gotten in my photography assignments so far is in the first one, where I definitely felt I’d done the poorest job. I couldn’t find landscapes in the city, I was getting used to the camera and it definitely had some problems with it. I put a lot of effort into the still-life and portrait assignments and yet, she didn’t grade them as high. The self-portraits were a disaster, and I’ll agree. I put very little effort into in, but I was fairly surprised at the results…in a good way. Yet, those only scored me an 8. Maybe my pictures lack the creativity of some of the others, but I think technically they are much better than some of the others in the class. Yet, I’m below them. I guess creativity does count for more. I can’t seem to expand my mind to think beyond what I’ve seen. Also, I interpret the assignments a bit too literally. She constantly grades those higher who have not strictly done ‘landscapes’ or ‘portraits’. Eventually I will convert the pictures to digital and post them here.