Photography 101

This is just a rant about my photography class. The course title isn’t Photography 101, but 115. It might as well be 101 though.

There are many things that I dislike about the class. The funny thing is that I started off liking it, and before the term began was really looking forward to it.

So first of all it is taught by this late early-to-mid thirties lady who is a photographer for Philly News. That means she works for a corporation. And she’s teaching what is potentially art photography in college. She is not qualified. At least I believe not. And I’m yet to see examples of her own work in class. Her system of teaching and grading is all just screwed up. Everything is based on her personal preferences. And sure, I’m no photography expert, but the for the landscape assignment, no one shot landscape. And no one seemed to notice. But me.

And oh, she allows digital cameras in the class. Not that it is a bad thing at all. But I believe that all photography should be taught in film. It just gives one a better feeling for it. It is ridiculous to see kids in there with their damn Sony and Canon P&S’s. Of course, these kids always have great photographs. Thats what these cameras are designed for — to let the dumbest retards take a good photograph. Plus it is digital, what ever is not good, just throw away. My dog would have all 10’s too, if he shot 2000 pictures for every week using a camera he could carry around his neck.

And I really resent her preaching her style of photography on us. She ripped of a photo from the board yesterday, that I thought was pretty good, of a Pepsi vending machine. She doesn’t like corporate images. Any one else see the irony in this?

She gave my my grade yesterday, and said sorry. What is she sorry for? That I scored an 8/10? Or that she gave me only that much? Listen, I don’t care what grade you give me, as long as it is a fair one. I thought 8 was fair for this. If she felt sorry about it, obviously she didn’t. If I deserve only an 8, I’ll accept it without griping. Just don’t feel bad about giving it to me. I obviously didn’t work hard enough.

Which brings my back to the focal point. I’ve just not had the time to work on this course as much as I would’ve liked. With 3 grad courses, a senior design course, plus one other mildly heavy workload course, I can’t even find time to play squash. So being ultra creative with my photography isn’t really top priority.

I probably thought of more gripes as I went to bed last night. But I can’t remember them now. But this is good enough for now.