A long overdue entry

More than a month has passed since I last updated. End February and March were awful months. But April has come, and has brought with it the sun. This means cricket, girls in small tops, sun shine, and me cribbing about how warm it is. But it also gives me an excuse to drink cold, cold beer.

Towards the end of March, A road trip down to Myrtle Beach is what 4 friends felt we deserved. So Myrtle Beach is where we went. I got a taste of the good ol’ southern hospitality. A nice relaxing time after the stress of the previous term hit the spot. Like Jayesh put it on one of his away messages:
Hotel: $350
Car rental: $270
Souvenirs: $50
Spring break with friends: priceless!

The new term so far seems decent. The only really hard course I think will be senior design. The others should all be rather manageable. Of course, I’ve got the left over from last term. I’m at my wits ends as to what to do about it. I’ve made some time to play squash, DUST has been fun (I’ve got spring jam to look forward to), so overall things are looking up. It will be even better once I can finish the paper. Also at the back of my mind is the wind down and move back to India for 3 months. I’ve got a lot to do before that!