A Field Day……No Really!

So I just got back from the first of three cricket games. It was a night game against the University of Delaware. They won the tournament last year, and before going into this game we knew it would be hard. But we also knew that we were meeting them in the finals of the tournament on the 23rd anyway. We lost a close game by just 10 runs.

I had a pretty decent day, by most standards. My four overs went for 28 runs, so I was just below the average for the team. I didn’t get any wickets though. I took a pretty good catch, which after last weeks debacle felt pretty good. And I went in after the fall of 6 wickets and shared a 60+ run partnership with Usman. He did most of the scoreing though. I made only twelve, but just gave him the strike and ran hard. Which is what was needed.

We will have Mitul and Sameer Bhai back for the finals, so I think we should definitly win with those two in our line up! Looking forward to the 23rd!