I hate those mices to pieces

Web-rant time: So ever since I’ve moved in to this apartment, we’ve had a mouse problem. With the weather finally reaching what it should be in the middle of January, the problem has just become worse. While earlier we’d only see them scampering from behind the refrigerator to behind the dishwasher, they seem to have gotten bolder and smarter. 6 loaves of bread had to be discarded this past weekend. Cleaning up rat droppings on the counter-top is a daily task. And only one has been caught using a trap, when it dragged the trap and its broken leg into my room early one morning. I did catch another, using two tupperware containers in the wee hours of the morning when it was tormenting my roommate and his girlfriend. A third was found by me, dead and stuck to a glue trap. The four other “men” in our apartment are yet to open their scores. I don’t want to waste any more food to the mice, and more importantly I want to know that the food I am eating is safe and clean. Since we’ve had no luck in trapping them, the next step is to create a routine where no food is ever left open and accessible. Now trying to get 5 college guys to follow routine is the bigger challenge. Just stick me with the mice instead.