So Sameer, after being denied entry to the blogrolls of WordPress, pleasantly surprised me by posting on his Xanga site today. So he has been granted permission to be back on the rolls…for now! He has promised me one post a day during the Spring quarter, when he should have plenty of time. I’d settle for one post a week. 😀

Sameer says:
a blog a day
Sameer says:
promise to u
Sameer says:
keep me honest

There is something therapuetic about writing, however terrible the writing might be. Anyway, this is the third post for today, which is way more than I ever do. So I’m signing out for now.

3 thoughts on “Blogrolling…

  1. I see that you are a regular again Krishna. And thats a good thing. I was surprised i was actually getting comments on my own blog, which means there are people who read it!

    The beers long overdue man.

  2. good to see you back in action with the bog my man.. atleast we know wats happenin wit u even if v dont meet online.. keep it up bro.. 🙂

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