#3 in the list of my Philadelphia “Must-Visits” (Yes, I’ve been eating out a lot), is Penang.   It can be found on 10th and Arch.  It is a Malaysian restaurant in the Chinatown area of Philadelphia that I first visited back in 2002.  For a vegetarian, opening the menu there can be disheartening until one learns that almost everything on can be made in a “veggie, no meat” option.   Upon being seated, you are given a pot of hot herbal tea and small, oriental porcelean cups.  Upon closer inspection, a lot of the menu has Indian and Thai influence.  Try the Roti Telur and Roti Kanai for apetizers, but make sure to tell them no meat.  Main courses can be chosen from a variety of fried and drunken noodles, or rice dishes that are delightfully flavored and suit the Indian palate.  It is great escape from the normal mild and almost flavorless American food found everywhere else.  I think my absolute favorite part of the meal is the end – when they bring out sliced oranges or “mosambi” that clears the mouth of all the other taste of the night and leaves one with a wonderfully clean, slightly sweet flavor.