For Sale

After taking the car for a checkup at the Pep Boys near work and finding that it’ll cost me over $1200 to get the car into a condition where it’ll pass the annual inspection, I have realised that the only rational thing for me to do is sell is as soon as I can.

Recently, BBC UK posted an article that the American movie industry made $1.03 billion from box office collection in June 2004. This beat the previous record which was set in June 2003. Unfortunatly, I’ve not been able to find the article again. I wonder now if the MPAA is going to go on the same war-path as the RIAA and claim that movie downloads causing them to lose money.

Hao and I beat The Divas (Bill and Binoy). They were arguably the best team in the tournament. I don’t see any reason as to why we wont be able to win the entire thing now.