Killed by a Cooker

Well, almost killed at any rate.

Two mishaps in one day. First, when I turned on the large heating coil I see a spark and hear a *phut*. It was a short circuit. I’ve always been a bit wary because the stove is right by the sink and water and electricity aren’t good friends. Then, not to be deterred, I put the pressure cooker on the smaller heating coil. All seems to be going fine. First whistle, second whistle, BOOM! It sounded like the gasket of the cooker burst, and all the pressure escaped just at once. The bottle of dishwashing soap that was by the sink went flying as high pressured, hot steam sprayed everywhere. Thankfully nothing else happened, no knives flying in my direction or anything. All this happened just as I turned my back on the cooker. End result? There was a bunch of water everywhere that I had to clean up. But the daal got done, so great.

It seems like there is something that doesn’t want me to make a sambar today.