Work, Work Everywhere…

It promises to be an awful week. Today (Monday), after a whole days work, I’ve got to work a DUST event that is supposed to go till midnight, which means that it’ll be at least 1 AM by the time I get home. This repeats itself on Wednesday, with Wednesday’s event being a lot harder and a lot longer. Thursday night I have Finance 311 from 6-9 pm. I’ve never looked forward to Friday so much.

On a lighter note, this Thursday (15th) is also my third anniversary with Maithreyi. Considering that two and a half of these three years we’ve been apart, I certainly think it’s something to celebrate. Also this Friday marks the beginning of the Asia cup. It’s been a long time since India played cricket, with the defeat of Pakistan in Pakistan being the last (and VERY memorable) series. Although, so far there is no sign of whether it will be telecast live via internet.

2 thoughts on “Work, Work Everywhere…

  1. Congrats man!

    Next time you go back to India, me and Hao are tagging along. You get to see your girlfriend and me and Hao get to ride the elephants! 😀

  2. ANy way one of the DUST days got cancelled right. So the work, work… was less.
    Got you to work in the kitchen though!! hope that was more satisfying. I am sending you soem T DAlal Dal recipes. Try the third one. Its easy and good.

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