The Cricket Ball

I am…was a pretty good fielder. I’d back myself to catch any ball, on any given day. I’d be quick around the field and one mis-field a game is all I’d ever allow myself. Somehow yesterday was the worst of a period of 3 steadily declining games in the field. I can’t seem to hold onto a ball, be it a catch, a drive, or throw for a run out. Also, my hands seem to be sustaining more and more damage as the games go by. Any movement by any of the fingers on my left hand is cause for pain.

Essentially my confidence on the field is rather low. I need to get that up somehow. I need a few balls to hit the middle of my palms and just stick.

Odds and Ends

My absence here has been mostly due to not having more than a few minutes for myself over the last few weeks. Cricket season seems to have come with a bang, and has taken up so much of my time. I’m glad for it. In the two weekend games I had figures of 3-30 in 6, and 1-4 in 4. I’m pretty pleased. Not with the end results of the games though.

Living out of boxes and suitcases is not for me. Especially if it my entire life. I can handle the planned trip, where I pack everything I need and take it with me. But packing everything I own and taking that everywhere I go is extremely cumbersome. Another 10 days of that, then I’ve got to move again, and settle down for another 9 months. As much as I love to travel and see new places, I despise this nomadic life-style.

A few things I wanted to note down earlier, but never did involved:
1) A conversation I overheard between a hair-dresser and a very-obviously republican customer. Parts of it made me laugh, and other parts angry enough to make me want to smack that fellow in the back of the head. The only thing that kept me in my chair was the pretty hair-dresser cutting my hair.
2) Some thoughts about the BCCI-ESPN Start-Zee TV tussle going on. This is very obviously a case of prices being inflated way beyond what the market can handle. My forecast is that sooner, rather than later, just like any other market in this situation, there is going to be a crash. And who will suffer? The hard-core cricket enthusiast such as myself.

I had a lot more to say about all of this, but I can’t remember the mental outline I had made up for the entries.

Cricket Time

If the weather holds off, and we play well, there ought to be 3 cricket games this weekend. I’m looking forward to it!

But who ever thought that just running a club can get so hectic. Even with Sameer and myself splitting the work load, it is hard to remember everything that there is to do. Trying to participate in 2 tournaments and plan a third one simultaneouly isn’t easy. E-mails and phone calls have been flying back on forth at such high speeds. How did anything ever get done in the old days, where instant communication was a myth?

Work, Work Everywhere…

It promises to be an awful week. Today (Monday), after a whole days work, I’ve got to work a DUST event that is supposed to go till midnight, which means that it’ll be at least 1 AM by the time I get home. This repeats itself on Wednesday, with Wednesday’s event being a lot harder and a lot longer. Thursday night I have Finance 311 from 6-9 pm. I’ve never looked forward to Friday so much.

On a lighter note, this Thursday (15th) is also my third anniversary with Maithreyi. Considering that two and a half of these three years we’ve been apart, I certainly think it’s something to celebrate. Also this Friday marks the beginning of the Asia cup. It’s been a long time since India played cricket, with the defeat of Pakistan in Pakistan being the last (and VERY memorable) series. Although, so far there is no sign of whether it will be telecast live via internet.