I turned on the 6PM local news on Sunday and the first 10 minutes had no less than 6 reports of deaths, murders, accidents and mishaps in the local area. This just firms up my belief that the media (or who ever is controling it) is responsible for spreading so much fear into the lives of those who are exposed to it. Sure, journalists need to cover incidents in the area but for it to dominate the news like that ?

It is a fact that in Disney’s Aladin, the lead characters of Aladin, the princess and her father were all given American accents, whereas most of the evil characters are developed as being of Middle Eastern background (including clothing and accents). No wonder the population of this country has grown to have an inherent fear of other cultures, especially the one from central Asia.

I was hoping to lay my hands on some Google stock, but reports say that their IPO’s initial pricing is suppoed to be between $108-$135. At that rate, 1 share is all I can afford. But I cant help feeling concerned at all the initial hype surrounding it.

This week promises to be pretty hellish until Friday too. I am working a DUST event Monday evening and will probably be roped into another on Wednesday. Tuesday is reserved for FIN 311 homework, and Thursday is a midterm.


Okay, I know I’ve not posted in ages, but there have been personal reasons. But this one absolutely deserves an entry. I’m not sure if it should make me proud or not, but it sure as hell made me laugh. Getting ‘Bangalored’ sure as hell makes me want to head back to the homeland!

3 Laws Safe, or not

I’ve always been a great sci-fi fan. Lots of people, especially girls, think ‘geek’ when I say that. I’d beg to differ. I don’t spend hours watching star trek marathons, and I’ve never enjoyed the Star Wars movies. Infact, none of the star* (for the non-programming folk, the asterisk is a wild card character, hence meaning anything beginning with star — Star Trek, Star Wars, StarGate) has ever held any fascination for me. But good sci-fi books are something I’ve always enjoyed. Asimov and Clarke would be on the top of my list. To me, a sci-fi novel doesn’t really have much techno-mumbo-jumbo in it. It’s a regular novel, with regular people, just in a different environment. People who think otherwise should give a few Asimov books a try before dismissing it as rubbish.

I watched I, Robot last night. I’ve always liked Will Smith, Asimov, and action movies. So the movie was right up my alley. The action movie part of the movie was good. But the way the movie dealt with the 3-laws was rather weak. But that is to be expected. One would have to make a movie in the scope of Lord of The Rings to properly explain the intricacies Asimov’s robotic world.

I never knew it, but apparently a lot of researches are implicitly implementing Asimov’s laws in their AI/robotic research. This site gives a useful insight into the shortcomings of Asimov’s laws and why they could even be dangerous. It’s an interesting read, if one is an Asimov fan. And if one is not, maybe it could be a first step.

Work, Work Everywhere…

It promises to be an awful week. Today (Monday), after a whole days work, I’ve got to work a DUST event that is supposed to go till midnight, which means that it’ll be at least 1 AM by the time I get home. This repeats itself on Wednesday, with Wednesday’s event being a lot harder and a lot longer. Thursday night I have Finance 311 from 6-9 pm. I’ve never looked forward to Friday so much.

On a lighter note, this Thursday (15th) is also my third anniversary with Maithreyi. Considering that two and a half of these three years we’ve been apart, I certainly think it’s something to celebrate. Also this Friday marks the beginning of the Asia cup. It’s been a long time since India played cricket, with the defeat of Pakistan in Pakistan being the last (and VERY memorable) series. Although, so far there is no sign of whether it will be telecast live via internet.

Killed by a Cooker

Well, almost killed at any rate.

Two mishaps in one day. First, when I turned on the large heating coil I see a spark and hear a *phut*. It was a short circuit. I’ve always been a bit wary because the stove is right by the sink and water and electricity aren’t good friends. Then, not to be deterred, I put the pressure cooker on the smaller heating coil. All seems to be going fine. First whistle, second whistle, BOOM! It sounded like the gasket of the cooker burst, and all the pressure escaped just at once. The bottle of dishwashing soap that was by the sink went flying as high pressured, hot steam sprayed everywhere. Thankfully nothing else happened, no knives flying in my direction or anything. All this happened just as I turned my back on the cooker. End result? There was a bunch of water everywhere that I had to clean up. But the daal got done, so great.

It seems like there is something that doesn’t want me to make a sambar today.

For Sale

After taking the car for a checkup at the Pep Boys near work and finding that it’ll cost me over $1200 to get the car into a condition where it’ll pass the annual inspection, I have realised that the only rational thing for me to do is sell is as soon as I can.

Recently, BBC UK posted an article that the American movie industry made $1.03 billion from box office collection in June 2004. This beat the previous record which was set in June 2003. Unfortunatly, I’ve not been able to find the article again. I wonder now if the MPAA is going to go on the same war-path as the RIAA and claim that movie downloads causing them to lose money.

Hao and I beat The Divas (Bill and Binoy). They were arguably the best team in the tournament. I don’t see any reason as to why we wont be able to win the entire thing now.


I wonder why it took me so long to disconver Firefox. I guess I’ll put it down to laziness. I read about it all the time and have seen tons of reasons why it’s better than IE. I finally made the plunge and am loving it so far. Get it here