Great Weather, A Great Weekend

The mad weekend is over, and thanks to Ibuprofen, I’m not in any great pain. 3 Cricket games in under 3 days can certainly take its toll on even the best sculpted bodies. Mine is, ofcourse, no where near that.

On Saturday and Sunday the Drexel Cricket Club played in the Kamran Khan Intercollegiate Invitational Trophy and won. We are currently on the front page of USACA. A slightly longer article also exists here.

We’ve got a really good bunch of players this season, and the finals of the Temple tournament is coming up next week. That ought to be ours too, if we play like we did this weekend.

Here is a picture of the Drexel team with the trophy.

A Field Day……No Really!

So I just got back from the first of three cricket games. It was a night game against the University of Delaware. They won the tournament last year, and before going into this game we knew it would be hard. But we also knew that we were meeting them in the finals of the tournament on the 23rd anyway. We lost a close game by just 10 runs.

I had a pretty decent day, by most standards. My four overs went for 28 runs, so I was just below the average for the team. I didn’t get any wickets though. I took a pretty good catch, which after last weeks debacle felt pretty good. And I went in after the fall of 6 wickets and shared a 60+ run partnership with Usman. He did most of the scoreing though. I made only twelve, but just gave him the strike and ran hard. Which is what was needed.

We will have Mitul and Sameer Bhai back for the finals, so I think we should definitly win with those two in our line up! Looking forward to the 23rd!

My Skillzzz…

CO Geoff

Apprently he scores very high in the sex category. I, on the other hand, kick ass in kissing. Too bad I’ve got no one to prove it too. I should hang up an sign around my neck proclaiming this 😀

This is obviously a bogus test — it generates its answers as a function of your name, age and genger. My score improve in some category and fall in others depending on whether I include my last name or not.

But it’s always fun to kill a little time on stupid stuff like this.

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Flirting Skill Level – 13%

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Sex Skill Level – 42%

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The Cricket Ball

I am…was a pretty good fielder. I’d back myself to catch any ball, on any given day. I’d be quick around the field and one mis-field a game is all I’d ever allow myself. Somehow yesterday was the worst of a period of 3 steadily declining games in the field. I can’t seem to hold onto a ball, be it a catch, a drive, or throw for a run out. Also, my hands seem to be sustaining more and more damage as the games go by. Any movement by any of the fingers on my left hand is cause for pain.

Essentially my confidence on the field is rather low. I need to get that up somehow. I need a few balls to hit the middle of my palms and just stick.

A long overdue entry

More than a month has passed since I last updated. End February and March were awful months. But April has come, and has brought with it the sun. This means cricket, girls in small tops, sun shine, and me cribbing about how warm it is. But it also gives me an excuse to drink cold, cold beer.

Towards the end of March, A road trip down to Myrtle Beach is what 4 friends felt we deserved. So Myrtle Beach is where we went. I got a taste of the good ol’ southern hospitality. A nice relaxing time after the stress of the previous term hit the spot. Like Jayesh put it on one of his away messages:
Hotel: $350
Car rental: $270
Souvenirs: $50
Spring break with friends: priceless!

The new term so far seems decent. The only really hard course I think will be senior design. The others should all be rather manageable. Of course, I’ve got the left over from last term. I’m at my wits ends as to what to do about it. I’ve made some time to play squash, DUST has been fun (I’ve got spring jam to look forward to), so overall things are looking up. It will be even better once I can finish the paper. Also at the back of my mind is the wind down and move back to India for 3 months. I’ve got a lot to do before that!