Pub #10: Craft Beer Co, Farringdon, 31 Mar, 2012

Pub 10 is the very fine Craft Beer Co. in Farringdon. This is not a beautiful pub, not a historic pub, but it is a very fine pub. Just look at the row of beer available on tap. And there’s even more variety in the refrigerators lining the walls. This is truly a place for lovers of beer. Their home page says that they were rated the 4th best bar in the world, and for the sheer selection of ales, I must say that it’s a place worth visiting again and again.

This was my 4th visit to Craft Beer Co. and I’ve taken to only trying their beers in 1/2 pint glasses, to allow me to try more. This bar doesn’t have a full menu, unfortunately. The place is usually packed inside and patrons spill out on to the street, which is actually quite enjoyable in the late evenings, in mild weather. I’ve taken a few friends to this bar, and it will continue to be a stop on my London tour, especially if one is a fan of great craft beer.

Pub #9: BrewDog, Camden, 25 Mar, 2012

After a 14 month hiatus, I’m back to on track with blogging about a 100 pubs. It’s not that I’ve not been visiting pubs all this time. I’ve just not been blogging about it. So I have a bit of a backlog of pubs, and the first one of the bat is BrewDog. Scotland’s largest independent brewery is out to break all the rules and judging by their beers, their bars, the media coverage and their Twitter account, they are succeeding.

This was my second visit to BrewDog Camden, and it was a bright, sunny Sunday afternoon. Camden was busy as usual, with people enjoying the fine weather and the eclectic Camden markets and food stalls. But nearly forgotten was the brilliant BrewDog, situated a few minutes from CamdenTown tube, in the opposite direction of the market. 5 of us headed over there, mostly with the intention of trying out various brews. I had 2 beers – the Hardcore IPA, a 9.2% ABV ale in a 2/3rd glass, followed by a 1/2 pint of the Punk IPA.  (Yeah, I’m a bit of an IPA nerd)

This is a somewhat local bar to Islington, and only about 25 minutes away by public transport. I need to make fore frequent visits to BrewDog over this summer and try more of their great ales.