I Want….

1) A desktop PC capable of running Doom 3
2) A laptop PC that does not weigh as much as a desktop
3) A cell-phone that doubles up as a PDA
4) A 40gb MP3 player that is small and light
5) A GPS device that does roads and maps
6) A digital SLR camera

I could add to this list, incessently. And needless to say most of the additions would be electronics. Flat-panel TV, a kick-ass reciever and speakers, etc, etc. But for now, I’d be very happy with even one of the above 6. Too bad they cost more money that me and all my personal assets are worth.

5 thoughts on “I Want….

  1. Make the frames work properly man. Half of your content gets cut off due to poor real estate mgmt.

  2. You’re kidding me right? I spent over 2 weeks working on the CSS script to get the content just perfect for both Mozilla and IE. I tested it out at 1024×768. Where and what are the exact problems you are facing? I’d like to know so I can fix it.

    By the way, there are no frames. Only tables.

  3. Too damn small for my eyes but I guess I shall have to live with it to see your musing; unintelligent as they might be.

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