Cricket updates

Drexel CC played British Officers CC on Sunday. We lost. But it was a close enough match. Our season, which lasted just a month and a half, ends at 3 wins and 4 losses. Not bad, but I wish we’d played more. Now we seem to have a larger core of interested blokes. Hopefully we can play in a league next season.

Indian cricket has gone back to being a disapointment. India versus Australia was billed as being the next big thing. It’s funny how all the hype leading up to a series is generally bogus once the series gets started. When India toured Australia last year, it was expected that Australia would roll the pitches with us. But it turned out to be surprsingly competitive. The heart of the sub-continent beats in time with every wicket taken by Anil Kumble and every run scored by Rahul Dravid. Right now though, not enough runs are being scored by anyone.

It’s an interesting situation though, with the batsman not clicking. Ganguly seems intent on having Yuvraj Singh open the batting. But after giving him one shot at the top, he is dropped. Funny how the same game he is dropped, Ganguly has to sit out. But with Kaif having scored 2 fifties, who will be dropped with Ganguly is back in? Rahul ‘The Wall’ Dravid? V(ery) V(ery) S(pecial) Laxman? Sachin Ten(thousand-run)dulkar? Virendar Sehwag is always going to be there at the top. Who will partner him? I think Ganguly should put himself in the line of fire…show some guts and open the innings and actually score runs. That will open up a spot in the middle order, and give force Ganguly to do well or be dropped. Afterall, he is a quality opener in the shorter version. And as far as the wicket-keeper goes: Parthiv Patel has gone from bad to worse. He seems to be able to consistantly score atleast 20 runs an innings, but also drop 4 catches. That is not going to cut it. For as long as I’ve been following Indian cricket, a steady keeper who can contribute with the bat as well and be worthwhile for a few runs has not surfaced. Given a country of 1.2 billion cricket fanatics, this is hard to fathom.

This rant courtsey of currently watching India getting hammered.