This and That

I walked through UPenn’s campus on the way to the Fresh Grocer today. There was something about the atmosphere there that is hard to explain. A mixture of excitement, happiness, and anticipation. Coupled with the slightly chilly air, it was a good feeling. It also happens to be the weekend of Halloween, so I guess a lot of people were getting ready for the weekend parties.

I don’t regret coming to Drexel for my undergraduate education. As compared to staying in India, I’ve definitely learned a lot more by being here and most of it is not in the class room. But if I were to do it again (courtesy of having the advantage of three years of hindsight) I’d do things very differently, starting with the kind of college I attended. It would definitely have to be in a city. But I’d also have liked it to be somewhat smaller and a little more personal, and a lot more interactive. This has nothing to do with all the Drexel administration related problems I’ve faced here, but an analysis of what kind of situation I’d fit in best.

I guess at about this time, politically motivated blog posts might be the most appropriate. But I’ve not been able to keep up with all that has been happening. I’ve now got a television, so I have been more abreast of what is going on. However, my views of the popular American television media isn’t a very positive one, so I don’t give them much importance. I wish the New York Times would have a news channel, but that suits me very much being a liberal.

What do I think will happen on November 2nd? There will be mass confusion, thats for sure. But the results will not be decided till weeks later,judging by the hoards of lawyers that have already been recruited to fight the swing states. Intuition tells me that Bush will prevail in the end.