After a while

It is not that I’ve not wanted to write. I’ve just not had the correct inspiration. November has also definitely had far less work that October. So by all rights, I should be posting more. I think the awful grades I’ve received in the Technical Writing class so far have not done much to boos my confidence. But also there has not been the same flow with words as I had earlier. I guess it’s just a phase. And I hope I’m over it.

Geoff’s turkey dinner on Thanksgiving was great. Having Shujah up here for 5 days was nice too. Bowling, pool, poker and some beer summed up the long weekend. And the next two weeks will be represented by paper, project, paper, project, paper and project. But that what one gets for not being proactive in the vacation. On the other hand, who wants to work during the vacation.

Talking about work – there has not been any DUST work off late. It seems to have slowed down a great deal. I’m a little worried about that. I do hope that we’re doing the Fall Comedian. I could use the money as and of course working that event is a bunch of fun.

I spoke to Angie today after a long, long time. It was great catching up with her. She has moved to DC now and seems to be doing pretty well for herself. I’m glad she called.

My new squash racket is here (after I broke the old one). I also got a bag, some grips, and a bunch of balls. I’m definitley making an effort to play whenever I can. I workout is good for me.

I tried the “4-5 thing rule” over my last two co-ops with some amount of success. But while I’m in classes, it’s a lot harder. How many things does college count for? What about work? And play? And hanging out with friends? Maybe a “2-3 thing rule” would be better. But even that I think would get fairly out of hand without impeccable time management…not something I’m known for.

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