Have You Ever…

I got this CO Geoff. Since I’m bored and awake at 3:30 AM, I might as well, eh?

[x] kissed a member of the opposite sex.
[x] rode in a taxi.
[x] been dumped.
[x] shoplifted
[ ] been fired.
[x] had a job.
[x] been in a fist fight
[ ] snuck out of your parent’s house.
[ ] been arrested.
[x] stole something from your job.
[x] celebrated new years in times square.
[ ] went on a blind date.
[x] gone on an airplane by yourself.
[x] broken a bone.
[x] had a crush on a teacher.
[ ] celebrated Mardi-Grass in New Orleans.
[ ] been to Europe.
[x] taken caffeine pills.
[ ] been to Disney world.
[x] had a crush on someone you hardly knew.
[x] been to California.
[ ] been skinny dipping.
[x] regretted something.
[x] peed on someones lawn.
[x] skipped school.
[x] thrown up from drinking.
[ ] lost your sibling.
[ ] kissed a member of the same sex.
[ ] had sex with a boy.
[x] had sex with a girl.
[x] been in a car accident.
[ ] partied for days and days straight.
[x] had a family member die.
[x] played ‘clue’
[x] had a sleepover party.
[x] went ice skating.
[ ] dropped x.
[x] been cheated on.
[x] had a boyfriend/girlfriend.
[ ] had a threesome.
[ ] had a quinceanera.
[x] had a car
[x] drove
[ ] teepeed someone’s house
[ ] gotten a speeding ticket
[x] done the macarena
[x] done homework at home
[x] checked out a random person
[x] been drunk.
[ ] crashed a friend’s car
[x] been to Japan
[x] been in love
[x] had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back
[ ] made out with a stranger
[ ] gone on a blind date
[x] lied to a friend
[x] cut your own hair
[ ] slept with a coworker
[x] cut yourself on purpose
[ ] been married
[ ] gotten divorced
[ ] had children
[ ] seen someone die
[ ] been to Africa
[ ] slapped someone you loved
[x] been to Canada
[ ] been to Mexico
[x] been on a plane
[ ] Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show
[ ] thrown up in a bar
[ ] Purposely set a part of yourself on fire
[x] been snowboarding
[ ] met someone in person from the Internet
[ ] been pregnant or got someone pregnant
[ ] tried killing yourself
[x] taken painkillers

I’m sure this is part of a set of questions that assess whether one has truly lived life or some crap like that. It seems like one has only truly lived if sex, drugs and alcohol are a part of their being. That is truly scary.

I don’t even know what some of these things mean. Nevertheless, I think I’ve certainly lived, whether I’m being judged by this list or not.

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  1. Judging by the amount of booze we own versus the amount of food in the fridge, I clearly see an inbalance in our chi. No wonder we live in such chaotic times!

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