Why is there always a price tag attached?

The SonyEricsson P910 seems like a dream phone. It has everything that I could want in a single portable device. This includes adding up to 1 GB memory stick and using it as a portable MP3/media player. That is something I’ve been touting for a long time. Who wants to carry around a phone, MP3 players and a PDA. I don’t have deep pockets (literally and figuratively). It does include a camera…something that I don’t much care for. I do however wish they included WiFi capability with this phone. I think that would make it a killer device. It seems fairly small and light, even with the integrated keyboard. It is, however 1 inch thick, something that is a little more than I’m comfortable with.

I am however contemplating the lack of Windows support with this phone. It would be nice to have Windows Media Player 10, and other MS specific apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and a feature reduced Outlook. Once again, I reiterate the need to include WiFi. The phone that Jojo just bought, the HP iPaq 6315 from T-mobile has WiFi and I’ve used it on Dragonfly. It works pretty well.

But the ultimate dream machine? A PDA sized device, with a 40-60gb HDD and all the functionality of a Microsoft(??) PC. Oh yeah, it ought to include a phone. And want this portable delight to become something your more used to at home? Just drop it into a cradle on your desk, that would connect it to a LCD monitor, printer, speakers, web cam, mouse and keyboard. And with an array of extra USB/Firewire ports on the cradle, all further needs like a CD/DVD burner or drive, extra external HDD’s and perhaps an external video card can be attached to provide complete PC functionality.

The idea is there…now come on Microsoft, HP, Apple, Sony, IBM, or someone steal it from me and manufacture it for under 200grams. I swear I’ll be your first buyer, whatever the price. Okay maybe not whatever the price, seeing as how the P910 is $799 and that is about $700 more than I can afford. But hey, maybe by the time such a device is available I’ll have a job and will be able to afford it.

*Sigh* Now that is 5:50 AM, and perhaps time to sleep, I’ll go dream about having lots of money and this miracle PDA.