Getting good at stuff

A feature I’ve noticed in my everyday life for years, but never had reason or inclination to think much about it: Anything I take up with even a half-serious mindset, I get good at. By good, I mean definitely above average. Examples of this: Table Tennis, Golf, Squash, Cricket, Photography, academics, other random interests like playing the guitar, playing video games, or even just learning something new…I can’t come up with any more concrete examples, but this extends to almost anything I take up.

I can do it better…much better than the Average Joe. But I can’t seem to break that barrier from good to excellent. I know at least one person who is much better than me in everything I want to do. I being the competitive kind, try really hard (okay, this is relative) to become ‘really very good’ at it. But I can’t. This tends to get me slightly demotivated and I end up giving up whatever the interest is. It’s happened to me for so many things that I can’t care to list them here.

“Jack of all trades but Ace of none” is what I call myself. I’ve always wanted to be a “Jack of all trades but Ace of one.” I wonder if (and when) I’ll find that one thing. I hope it is soon.