Crossing the Street at 32nd and Market

White people, Black people,
Indian people, Chinese people.
Blond, Brunette and Redheads,
Close cropped, let loose, tied up.
Some with a smoke,
Others on the phone,
Looking down at the street,
Or up at the sun.
Only a few talk
To a fellow by their side.

What are they thinking
As they try to beat the street-light?
Is it about last nights events?
The movie he watched with a room mate?
Or the fight he had at a bar?
Maybe he is thinking of the the
Person he was rejected by?
Or the person he didn’t
Have the nerve to ask out?

Maybe she is reminded of
A father she lost?
Or perhaps she is
contemplating the next days exam?
Will she get that much needed A?
How big will her next paycheck be?
Where will it be spent?
Will she have any left over to save?
Will she go to that party tonight?
And maybe meet that special someone?

So many thoughts can be seen
Just be looking a person in the face.
I want to know
I want to understand
I want to feel