General Update

It is the beginning of May. It shouldn’t be this cold. The current low outside is 4 centigrade. I’m ready to be done with winter. A few weeks of nice bright sunshine, and less rain would agree really well with me. Although, I’m sure that as soon as I go to Bangalore I’ll be complaining about the incredibly high temperatures.

I’m the proud owner of a Sony Vaio T140P. It is a 3.1 pound light, ultra-portable laptop. And I bought it myself! As I did my Treo 600 Phone and my Athlon64 desktop machine. I think as far as computer equipment goes, I’ve reached the pinacle. Currently, there is nothing more I could want. Well, actually, let me change that:
1) Wireless keyboard & mouse
2) 19″ or 21″ flat panel monitor
3) Creative Audigy SB Live
4) A high end video card
5) A nice set of computer speakers

The long term plan is to, howerever, connect a home theatre system to the computer. Music from the PC will be connected to the home theathre system speakers. The home theatre system will consist of a a projector and screen which will be connected to both a cable box and the PC(s). The laptop will always remain an ultra-portable system, while the desktop will a power hungry monster. The desktop will have one of those awesome 21″ HDTV displays that is made by Sony. I will have good dreams tonight.

From my dream, though, the only things I should get soon are the keybouard + mouse and the monitor. Everything else will have to wait many years as they are not unrgently necessary. Neither was the Vaio though, but it is just so sweet!

I am going to recap the hardware specifications of all my machines. It is partly to boast, and partly so that I can read this entry 7 years from now and marvel at how silly I was to be excited at owning new gadgets. Who am I kidding, I will never tire of owning brand spanking new electronic gizmos!

The desktop is an Athlon64 2800+ (1.8 Ghz), with 1 GB of RAM. It has 180 GB of internal HDD space and a 160 GB external firewire drive. It also has an 8x DVD writer (52x CD). It currently has Mike’s ATI 9200 (PCI) video card, and the audio is built onto the mother board, which is an ASUS K8V-SE. That covers the basics.

The Treo, is a PalmOS powered PDA/phone combo. The phone portion is provided by T-Mobile. I have a cradle that allows it to charge, as well as sync with my desktop. It’s process is nothing great, but it is enough to run a few apps, a few games, surf the internet when I need to, as well as to check e-mail. Sure, it is larger than a regualr phone but it sure beats carrying around two devices. The fact that it syncs with Outlook allows it to put all my contacts, tasks and reminders on there. This is extremely useful.

The Vaio…aaah! What can I say about it. I could just go on. It is 3.1 pounds light, comes with 512 MB of RAM, a built in DVD/CD-RW drive, 40 GB of HDD space and a 1.1 GHz Centrino processor. The built in Wi-Fi is an absolute boon. The screen is only 10.6″ but the XBRITE technology that Sony puts on there is just awesome. I got a port-replicator with it, which makes it easy to just place on my desk without worrying about the hassel of wires. I just need to get an extra AC adapter.

That covers the boasting/recap for the future. Seeing these three on my desk just makes my sigh…with happiness.