BLAW 201 – Final Exam
PHSY 480 – Research Paper, Final Paper
ISYS 426 – Presentation
INFO 630 – Final Exam
INFO 638 – Assignment 4

That is a list of all the work I have left to do this term. As compared to the Winter, the Spring has definitley been a lot easier. Only 5 classes, the two grad courses don’t require massive projects or implementations, two undergrad courses are electives so I don’t really care. The only course that I knew would be hard from the outset was Senior Design. And it was. Took a lot of work, but it felt good to be doing this kind of work. I don’t really care for the other four courses this term. There is no motivation. I think the only reason I’m still persisting in Senior Design is because I have a point to prove from last term.

The amount of lethargy, dislike and allround hatered for education has reached a peak this term. It is quite like the frustration that I felt during some periods in high school, where the education was rather irrelevent and not in the least bit challanging. I sincerely hope that this is a passing phase. I have another year of college left (50 credits over 3 terms) so I can not afford to feel this way come the new academic year. I need to snap out of this over the summer.

As it comes closer to graduation, and a lot of the kids I started with are graduating, it is only natural that I think forward to mine. Not too long ago I was fascinated by continuing with further research and seriously pondered it. The MBA idea is still there and crops up every now and then. But before I pursue either of these though, I need a few years in the industry. The prospect of that itself terrifies me – not because it is difficult, but because I know I’ll be bored to tears. And even then, there is another obstacle that I need to over come before I can make either of those options a reality.

Just a year ago, I was so sure where I was going to be in 15 years, what I was doing to get there and how I would achieve these goals. Now — it is all I can do to create and follow a goal for the next week.