Finally its June. The weather seems to have made up its mind to stay warm. However, the Philly summer usually means extensive rain. Last night was incredible. Around 7:30 PM, as I walked back home from a final, the overcast sky lit up for a few seconds. Thunder rumbled soon after. Uh-oh, I thought to myself and picked up the pace. I stopped briefly at the 7/11, and unfailingly was asked by the guy outside to spare some change. I didn’t. As I entered the gates of The Courts, a drop of rain about the size of a compact-disc fell on me. I scampered into my apartment, and settled in front of the computer. Even though I faced away from the window, the next surge of lightening was enough to completely light up my monitor. A warning jumped up on my screen, “You are not running on the battery back-up.” “Great”, I thought to myself, “just what a need – a power outage when I have an exam in twelve hours.” But it must have just been a surge, as none of the lights were affected. In a few minutes the trees were bent sideways, and the rain was falling horizontally. Kelly exclaimed that it was like a mini-tsunami outside. I wouldn’t have disagreed. I peeked out the window of my third floor apartment, and could actually see the rain that had fallen on the street being blown sideways. Ten minutes later, it was all over.

Now, I just hope that my Business Law final doesn’t hit with the same intensity as that storm. It is one of the few classes that I’ve really detested at Drexel. I’m very ill prepared for it. I’ve got 2 hours to go.