I’ve been listening to podcasts lately. The term has been floating around the media, web and other, quite a bit. So I thought it was time for me to dabble. I usually use my Zen Touch to listen to music while walking to campus and back. The walk can take upto 20 minutes depending on which part of campus I’m headed towards. But listening to the same few 100 songs over and over was getting monotonous. So that was another reason to start listening to podcasts.

Juice is the podcast reciever that use currently and it seems to do the job fairly well. However, I have to use a different application to synch my MP3 player with my music. Thanks to Microsofts PlayForSure, I can use WMP10 to do this. It’d be nice if I could do it in the same app, but tight coupling has generally been a hallmark of portable devices. iPod and iTunes is the best example of a this horrendous design. Sure, it works well for Apple, but for the increasingly tech-concious consumer it is an unfair expectation.

The podcasts that I currently subscribe and listen to are:
1) Engadget
2) Prison Planet
3) The World’s Technology Podcast
4) The Weekly Rundown

In my podcast travails so far, I’ve come across some absolutely terrible ones. That, I guess, is the disadvantage of having a free flow of information and media on an unregulated web. All of a sudden, the Chinese censorship doesn’t look at that bad 😀

What is a podcast anyway? Wikipedia does a good job of explaining it all. Podcast.net is also a useful, if a little confusing resource, for locating new podcasts. If anyone has knowledge of better software and new/more interesting audio-feeds, be sure to let me know!