First Post with WordPress

So last night, on Josh’s advice, I attempted to upgrade MovableType from 3.0D to 3.2. And as Murphy would have it, it wouldn’t upgrade. So instead of bothering trying to figure out the problems, I just installed WordPress I had been planning to migrate anyway, since I’ve heard that it has a simpler interface and the whole engine itself is easier to manage. Also, the anti-comment spam plug in is supposed to be great. So far, I’ve not been disappointed. The install went of very smoothly. It imported all my entries from Movabletype like a breeze and the configs seems very simple. I just have to work on the layout now to get it to match the rest of my site. Although, that will certainly be a work in progress seeing as how time is a premium currently. The path for the blog is now ./wordpress and I’ve made a long overdue change to the front page of the site. Otherwise all else remains the same.

Here is to WordPress! The software looks fabulous, and I’m quite happy with it so far!

3 thoughts on “First Post with WordPress

  1. It says your website has been last updated in 2004. Can you change that? Its bothering me!

    And, I already told you I liked the default.


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