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Having always been an auto-enthusiast and always been critical about Bangalores’ road problems, I came upon a personally interesting report. It is attributed to the Khaleej Times and the actual article itself can be found here.


BANGALORE: The city of Bangalore is second only to the national capital of Delhi in entire India when it comes to the number of fatal road accidents as well as the vehicular population.

A comparative analysis of the four metros in India and Bangalore carried out by the Bangalore city Traffic Police recently has shown that a total of 704 people were killed in road mishaps in Bangalore during the year 2005. “Bangalore is second only to Delhi, where a staggering 1,703 people have died in road accidents,” the analysis claimed.

Mumbai came third with 595 deaths during 2005 followed by Chennai’s 463 and Kolkata’s 442. Incidentally, Bangalore is among the smallest of the five cities chosen for a comparative analysis by the Traffic Police.

Bangalore, which has emerged as the IT capital of the country, has also beaten Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata in terms of vehicular population. Bangalore has a vehicular population of 2.33 million against Chennai’s 2.2 million, Mumbai’s 1.3 million and Kolkata’s 941,000. Delhi, however, remains ahead of the rest of the countries even in vehicular population with a mind-boggling 4.78 million.

Sharing the figures with reporters, Bangalore city Traffic Police officials said the statistics had been collected from the police commissionerates of the five cities for an analysis of the traffic scenario.

Another interesting facet of the traffic scenario that comes out of the analysis is the road length in the five cities. While Delhi maintains the top slot with a total of 27,000km of road in the city, Bangalore occupies the second position with 4,500km of road, followed by Mumbai’s 1,923km, Chennai’s 1,800km and Kolkata’s 1,400km.

4 thoughts on “Bangalore Streets

  1. The biggest impediment to Indian growth is our lack of infrastructure. Unfortunately, it isnt something that can be fixed overnight but some remarkable improvements have beem made in the last 5 years.

  2. well.. that article is extremely saddening!!! the situation is such, that people who have moved to bangalore in the last 2-3 years have been able to feel the difference in the place which was once called a “Pensioner’s Paradise”!!!!!!
    rather than people comin here, there are more people leavin.. me, being a bangalorean, bangalore does not appeal to to me as a place to continue to live in!!! 😦

  3. Leaving is perfectly fine by me. Infosys has forsaken Bangalore in favor of Hyderabad. I’m perfectly fine with that. With the administrations being as pathertic as they are, I’d rather people leave than come in.

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