The powers of persuasion

About 3-4 years ago, when I roomed with Geoff, I was talking to him about doing something with all the ideas and opinions that he has. He started his Xanga site. Back then, Xanga was a blogging pioneer. I convinced a few other people to join up. Sameer, Shwetha, and even Revathi signed up. The blog explosion occured, and died down a bit. A few other friends of mine discovered blogging. I discovered WordPress and found it fabulous. Kaushik and Sameer both followed suit and moved to WordPress from the other blog hosts. Their links are available on the blogroll. Seems like I have a way with people when it comes to persuading them about blogging software :-D.

I’ve been plenty busy with college and work. I have a few ideas for posts in mind, but until some more free time comes about, they will have to wait.

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