More Bangalore Rants…

I was forwarded this link by a friend.  The story is pretty unbelievable but sounds quite true.  I agree with the premise of the author.  The fear of police in Bangalore needs to be thrown out the window.  They have always been, and always will be rubbish.  I’ve got stories about the police that would make one shudder.

1 thought on “More Bangalore Rants…

  1. Bangalore is much better when you consider the average Indian city. True, it’s developing very fast and if it goes unplanned, things can get messed up. But still, when you consider Delhi, Bombay, or Calcutta, Bangalore is way better.

    Also, Bangalore is approaching it’s peak in terms of development. There’s only a level till which you can develop, as far as resources like electricity, roads, Internet connectivity etc is concerned.

    And dude, Rang De Basanti is alright. There’s too much drama in the end. I have found a lot of other movies much more “inspirational”. Watch Water (it’s banned in India)… it’s real.

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