Forging ahead, one game at a time

Few people may realise this, but India’s victory over the West Indies in the first ODI today marks a historic occasion.  It is the first time ever that India has won an equal number of ODIs as they have lost.  This gives them, for the first time ever, a win-loss record of 50%.  The current record is Played 618, Won 296, Lost 296, Tie 3, No Result 24.  It has been a long climb up for the Indian ODI side. This victory also marks Dravid’s 12th ODI century, and the teams 17th consecutive win while batting second.  I have no doubt, that at the current rate, India stand a good chance of topping the rankings going into the next world cup.  From Azhar, to Ganguly, to Dravid, the Indian of the 90s and 2000s has shown marked improvement, from their leaders to the newcommers.  Here is to another 296 wins for India!

This information has been researched from Statsguru on CricInfo.

3 thoughts on “Forging ahead, one game at a time

  1. yup … ODI side is looking good although we are still carrying deadweight in Kaif. Yes I have come over to the dark side. He is as shyte ODI player. He should be a permanent 12th man.

  2. Really? 😀 I thought you’d be all awash with compliment and doing the rain dance after his match-winning 66*?

  3. no mate … what should have been a cakewalk became a tough fight because of his shyte innings. What we continue to see in him is beyong me.

    I still think that he could be a very good test player. Pity we havent gotten Dhawan who I think is going to be a star ODI player.

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