Back to the apartment

I’m back to the Pine St apartment for my second weekend here.  A lot still needs to be done to get it in order.  I’m glad I took the extra day off last week to get it in a somewhat livable shape.  I’m just hoping I can sell the items that need to be sold soon.  Which reminds me, I need to list them on Craigslist first.

I returned the Mazdaspeed6 a little while ago.  *sigh* I will miss it.  It was a great car, certainly one of the most unappreciated sport-sedans in the market.  Rocking fast, accelerated quick, spacious, good sound system, decent nav located in the best place a nav could be.  The transmission was rough, especially for novice drivers, but that’s the point, right? It had a smooth ride, and (atleast to my eye) looked great. Goodbye GKV3747

I am, however, looking forward to 2 years with the MINI.  Welcome, Big Red.