So many ideas…

I want to write, but when I have the time I usually find my self doing something wasteful – playing videogames, watching TV/videos online or surfing the political blogs.  I’ve had so many ideas rolling around in my head lately, but I think of them when I’m AFK and then I forget them.  I asked Reva why I don’t do anything about my ideas and she said it is because I look at everything like a task.  Quite true – everything for me is a “task that needs to be done” when they can just as easily be things I do for fun.  So that’s a new matra for me – at least for this week.

Sixer’s game today.  My first time. Should be a ton of fun but I’m driving back down to Philadelphia and plan to drive back here tonight.  That will be about 350 miles in one day.  I’m stocking up on the Red Bull.

I’ve been noticing that life is always better with a soundtrack.  Mostly this obsevation is from watching the telly, but even as I walk along streets or drive down the highways, music makes it more interesting.  Not that this should be new to me, I’ve been a big fan of all kinds of music for several years now.  I just need to listen more variety and be more regular.  Also need to use that iPod I have.

1 thought on “So many ideas…

  1. Hey brother,

    Good to see you’re still writing.

    I have much the same problem. Rachael used to complain about my perspective quite a lot.

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