Rim's Cafe

Rim’s Cafe in South Philadelphia is the first on my list of Must Visit locations in Philly.  Strangely, I was introduced to it by a person visiting Philly for the second time and even he stumbled upon it.  It is too good a place to be kept a secret, but it is also too good a place to be unknown.  It is a block north of the intersection of 9th and Passyunk a stone’s throw from Pat’s and Geno’s.

1 thought on “Rim's Cafe

  1. The absolute best cappuccino, and I don’t even like coffee, but this is not coffee, this is cappuccino – there was a guy waiting for their drink, but I could not believe it because the guy was using a blow torch light up the coffee. I thought it was coffee place and then I see this guy using my Home Depot blow torch. Made me curious, so I asked what are you making here, and he sad he’s making the best drink in the city. I said, I have to try it. And then he told me he was French, and then I told him I was not French, but I will try it anyway. He called it a cappuccio brulay, so if you go there ask for it. Tell him to make you the best one ever.

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